Need to produce an architectural photomontage?
When planning to commission an architectural photomontage there are a few things to consider, Visual Eyes Media can help you with the production process.
Architectural, Photomontage, London, UK
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Need to produce an architectural photomontage?

We get asked to produce architectural photomontages for planning or marketing all the time. Before we even start to look at producing the photomontage or even setting up a quote we speak to the client about their requirements and the requirements of the project. If you are looking to get a photomontage or series of photomontages produced consider the following:

  • What is the principle use of the photomontage?

Is the photomontage for marketing or planning? If it is for planning the photomontage should to be true to the context within which it sits, lighting should be natural and textures, a photomontage for marketing can be more theatrical and aspirational, the image can be more atmospheric promoting a lifestyle.


  •  What is the aspect of the proposed photomontage?

What is the angle that you would like view the building from. Consider lighting, elevation, access, features and occlusions. What and where are the main features of the proposed building, if these are on the north facade natural direct lighting could be an issue – could a dusk photomontage be more suitable. Can the proposed angle be safely accessed with permissions by a cameraman. Does the photomontage want to be from an elevated angle, photography can be sourced using an extended pole or aerial drone. What occludes the building from the proposed angle, whilst it is often good to have some elements occlude (sit in front) of the building to give depth and scale to the photomontage, an inconveniently placed tree or building may block the whole view.


  • What time of year will the photography need to be sourced?

The time of year that photography for your photomontage needs to be sourced may have a big impact on the feel and production time of a photomontage. In summer there are more hours of daylight, the sun has a greater azimuth range and it’s altitude is higher, the weather also tends to be be better meaning that lead times waiting for conducive natural lighting conditions are less. In winter the sun is lower and daylight hours are shorter, the weather tends to be worse and it maybe weeks before suitable lighting conditions materialise. In this case dusk or night lit photomontages maybe the best solution.


  • What is the state of the surrounding context?

In a photomontage the proposed building should blend seamlessly  with the surrounding environment. A photomontage normally shows a new aspirational building. If the context is cluttered with street furniture or surrounding buildings covered in scaffolding it will detract from the quality of the area and possible distract the viewer of the photomontage. Whilst small elements such as street furniture can be photoshopped out, scaffolding and other hoarding is very difficult. Can photography be sourced before site works begin?

Photomontage 3D Architectural Visualisation CGI UK
Photomontage 3D Architectural Visualisation CGI UK
Photomontage 3D Architectural Visualisation CGI
Photomontage 3D Architectural Visualisation CGI UK