Visual Eyes Media, London, UK. offer architectural visualisation rendering services for the construction, building and design communities.
Architecture, Visualisation, CGI, Verified Views, AVR, Accurate Visual Representation, Montage, Photography, Design Visualisation, Arch Viz, London, Renders, Construction
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Visualisation is about interpreting the the designs of others and producing imagery to represent those ideas. But how do we go from lines on a piece of paper to photorealist images? Well of course it is not just one thing but a combination of skills experience and influences.


One great tool that we use is observation, observing the world around us, looking at materials, textures lighting. This creates a bank of experience that we can call upon when producing our visuals. Observation and composition can also be honed by looking at and taking photographs of our environment. We therefore encourage all of our artists to take photos with their DSLR’s and phones. It doesn’t matter what is the subject, what filters, what scale anything goes.