Laureate Gardens, Henley
Visual Eyes Media, London, UK. offer architectural visualisation rendering services for the construction, building and design communities.
Architecture, Visualisation, CGI, Verified Views, AVR, Accurate Visual Representation, Montage, Photography, Design Visualisation, Arch Viz, London, Renders, Construction
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Title Image

Laureate Gardens, Henley

Project Data

Client: Private
Architect: Nick Baker Architects
Interior Design: Nikki Pearce Design
Software: 3dsMax 2016, VRay 3.3, Photoshop


October 01, 2016


CGI, Exterior, Residential

About This Project

A series of CGI’s produced for marketing purposes.

This project is one of our premium project meaning that we spent longer than normal producing the images, refining lighting materials and composition.

Project Breakdown

  • Photography

  • Modelling

  • Production