The Fog House
Visual Eyes Media were asked to produce a series of images image for a large residential development near to Midhurst. We worked closely with the architects in a design development capacity to develop the imagery for planning consultation and submission. 
Residential, Landscaping, Vegetation, Planning, Marketing, Visualisation, Lumion, CGI, Arch-Viz, Architectural
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Title Image

The Fog House

Project Data

Client: n/a
Architect: Tripper Arquiteture
Software: 3dsMax 2019, Lumion 9, Photoshop
Production Time: 2 days


October 23, 2019


CGI, Exterior, R&D, Residential

About This Project

We saw an image on instagram by a visualisation studio in Brazil (Studio VIR) and was inspired to re-create it in Lumion 9.5; vegetation, foliage and atmospherics are what Lumion excel at so we gave it a crack..

The model including the Lumion scene took a day and a half to produce and the final images (7680x4320px) rendered in a staggering 12 minutes!