Queens Ballroom
Computer generated images of alternative usage schemes for an existing ice rink in Bayswater
CGI, Visual, Render, Banquet, Ballroom, Conference, Exhibition
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Title Image

Queens Ballroom

Project Data

Client:Bourne Capital
Architect: n/a
Interior Design: n/a
Software: 3dsMax 2017, VRay 3.5, Photoshop


March 01, 2017


CGI, Hotels & Leisure, Interior

About This Project

The site is a an existing working ice rink. The client approached Visual Eyes Media to produce a set of images that showed the space being utilised for different usages including a banquet hall, conference space, catwalk and exhibition hall. We were issued with a pdf plan and a set of photos and asked to model the space from that. Absolute accuracy was not required as the intended usage of the images was to convey the idea that the space could be used to host these type of events to potential clients.

Project Breakdown


  • Photography

  • Modelling

  • Production