Westwood Retail Park, Thanet
CGI & Photomontage architectural visualisations of retail parks, Thanet, Kent, UK
CGI, Photomontage, Visual, Render, Retail
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Title Image

Westwood Retail Park, Thanet

Project Data

Architect: Ratcliffe Groves Partnership
Interior Design: n/a
Software: 3dsMax 2016, VRay 3.3, Photoshop


November 18, 2016


CGI, Exterior, Retail

About This Project

A set of images for marketing to sell units to potential tenants. Produced over the course of 3 years the images were generated as each unit was developed, we were therefore able to ‘bolt’ the new units on to the existing model as time went on. Initial images were more photomontage than CGI but in order to maintain continuity the later images were full CGI’s. It was important to maintain a similar feel throughout the images with a consistent lighting rig and material pallette.


Project Breakdown


  • Photography

  • Modelling

  • Production