wParallax Research
Visual Eyes Media, London, UK. offer architectural visualisation rendering services for the construction, building and design communities.
Warehouse CGI, Planning, Marketing, Visualisation, Lumion, CGI, Arch-Viz, Architectural
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wParallax Research

About This Project

This is a small research project working out how to use wParallax with Lumion. A proof of concept if you like.

wParallax was originally produced for use with any render engine that supports the use of OSL shaders by generating an image that looks different depending on the angle that you look at it. In effect producing 5 sides of a cube and projecting maps onto those faces.

As Lumion doesn’t support OSL we we used the same principle but with physical geometry mapping 6 faces (the sixth being a mid ground map) giving the impression of depth and interior detail with very little overhead in terms of geometry.

There are a few refinement needed and we’ll look to use RailClone to help with the distribution different room types but it shows promise.

Project Data

Client: Research
Architect: n/a
Software: 3dsMax 2019, Lumion 11, Photoshop
Production Time: 2 days


April 05, 2021


Animation, CGI, Exterior, R&D