Eames and Tom Dixon CGI
An in-studio competition in speed CGI production, A high quality CGI in half a day. Simple, beautiful classic.
Competition, Interior CGI, Eames, Tom Dixon
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Eames and Tom Dixon CGI

  |   Design and Composition, Projects

Last week we had a little in-studio competition, we were given half a day to produce a ‘presentable’ computer generated image (CGI) or Architectural Visualisation. The modelling lighting and textures had to be produced out in one session, rendering was allowed to be done over night and 1 hour of post-production was allowed the following morning.

We were allowed to use any of the models from our extensive stock library of over 15,000 models and if we wanted could use any of our previous projects environments as a scene.

It’s a simple modern scene with classic fixtures and furniture and subtle materials palette. Produced using 3ds Max 2017, V-Ray 3.5 and Photoshop. Total working time 5.5 hours.

Architecturual Visualisation, Interior CGI, Eames Chairs and Tom Dixon lights